Thursday, April 24, 2008

New shows in the wings

My intention was to add five new shows to the web site, but, alas, more pressing, can't-wait matters required my attention. And now I'm about to return to my home ground, the beautiful Hudson Valley, for a visit with my parents. So Open Books Radio will receive its Spring infusion soon. In time for May, that month of promises.

In the meantime, this Sunday the Chicago Tribune Magazine will feature coverage of presidential sites, including my article on Roosevelt Country, a piece I very much enjoyed writing. And the Chicago Tribune Books section will contain my review of Louise Erdrich's new novel, A Plague of Doves.

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Kathi said...

Great review on Cynthia Ozick's "Ditation: A Quartet" in yesterday's Los Angeles Times. Which led me to your website and blog. It's wonderful!
Your review of Kafka's Last Love five years ago means even more now. And Dora's got legs: She's come out in France, Spain, China, and soon in Russia and Brazil. It is nice to have our passions confirmed!
all best,