Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Summer is a time of amplitude. Life feels large and spacious, and yet even though we want to laze about, soaking up warmth and light, we also feel compelled to make the most of this time of flowers and embracing greenery, birds and great big moons. And for most of us, work does not let up. Nor does change take a holiday.

WLUW, home of Open Books, will no longer be a sister station to WBEZ, Chicago’s National Public Radio station. Their connection will be severed by next summer. In the meantime, the show must go on. We will keep producing the show, and broadasting it on WLUW ( while we look for a new station. The good news is the state of the Open Books Radio Web site. A full-force edition is nearing completion. Watch for a fabulous new look, thanks to our terrific designer, as well as uthor bios, new interviews, interview transcripts, reading lists, reviews, and more.

Reading is a blues chaser, and one of summer’s finest and simplest pleasures is reading outside. Let the sun illuminate the page.