Monday, January 14, 2008

A new year and interviews new and new to the site

Thanks to my Open Books comrades, my husband David, my producer Craig Kois, and our web genie Hillary Carlip, lots of new conversations are now available for your listening pleasure. We've loaded the most recent shows, among them conversations with Yannick Murphy and Jonathan Messinger, two dynamically creative fiction writers. And I've gone to the archives to reclaim shows from the past that merit listening now. I just tuned in to Diana di Prima and was captivated all over again. How extraordinary to listen to the Queen of the Beats talk about going to the library as a girl in Brooklyn decades ago and finding excitement and solace in books. I'm reading Sara Paretsky's memoir, Writing in an Age of Silence (a finalist in the National Book Critics Circle awards), and she describes the same experience of finding sanctuary in reading in eastern Kansas. I could tell a very similar story about my childhood in Poughkeepsie. Tomorrow, or, technically, later today, I'll be speaking with Sara Paretsky for the next edition of Open Books. So you know, more conversations with gifted and caring writers will be coming your way.

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